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The bungalows in holiday park Beach Resort Makkum lie along the water and are spaciously laid out (100-110m2) with a large private garden. Not only does this offer a lot of privacy; it also provides a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view across the water. You may choose between 3 different types of holiday bungalows, for 4 to 6 guests. 

Holiday in a bungalow in Friesland

For a perfect holiday in Friesland, Beach Resort Makkum is the place to be. The prettiest bungalows of all Friesland can be found at our bungalow park. Beach Resort Makkum is situated at the Ijsselmeer and the beach, this makes it a unique holiday location. The bungalow park consist of luxurious villas, apartments and bungalows. We offer three types of bungalows; bungalow Schakel, bungalow Solo and bungalow Star. They are suitable for 4 -6 persons.



Every bungalow at Beach Resort Makkum is unique. Because of this, there is a bungalow fitted for everyone. They do have one thing in common; all bungalows are situated directly by the water. Out of your garden you can sail instantly to the IJsselmeer. Choose a bungalow that fits your needs; semidetached, detached or single story.

There are also lots of features possible. For example you can choose to have a bungalow with a sauna, a bungalow with your own fishing jetty or a bungalow with Internet. Do you want to bring your dog? Then choose a bungalow where pets are allowed. By clicking our search and book button you can easily make a selection of the bungalows that matches your wishes. Keep in mind: for certain extras you have to pay extra.



All bungalows are located at open sailwater that is connected with the Ijsselmeer. A large amount of bungalows feature their own jetty. So you can bring your own boat on your holiday in Friesland! At the bungalow park you can also rent canoes and boats. Do you want to make sure that your bungalow has its own jetty. Then make a preference reservation with the search and book button.

Fantastic well-kept park!

An amazing landscaped park. There are different types of houses that all haves their own charme. With beautiful weather you can swim, surf, sail, sailing an electric motorboat, waterbike and canoe from your own jetty. The ideal park for restseekers and water sports enthusiasts!


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Enjoy Friesland in a bungalow
Enjoy Friesland
in a bungalow