on the IJsselmeer Lake

Ideal for Kitesurfers

Makkum is one of the best places to learn kitesurfing because of the lake’s shallow waters. This makes it suitable for many water sports and activities. Besides the somewhat ‘standard’ water sports like surfing and boating, the IJsselmeer lake is highly suitable for kite surfing.


Also for beginners!

Also for beginners!

The sport is a combination between surfing and flying a kite. The key is to slide over the water with a kite and kiteboard. The ‘kite flyer’ is connected to the kite with several lines. The power and speed can be regulated with a handle. Advanced kitesurfers can sometimes be seen making spectacular jumps when hoisted metres high into the air. 
Kitesurfspot Makkum is open from 1 oktober till 1 may. From 1 may till 1 oktober you can kitesurf at Kornwerderzand (10 km) 

Kitesurfing is an easy sport to learn. Because the sport can be quite dangerous as well (when not properly aware), we advise you follow a course at a certified school before attempting the sport alone. 


According to Marcus Schlüter, however, the development of equipment in recent years has made the sport increasingly safe. Mr. Schlüter is an advanced kitesurfing instructer and owner of NorthWest Kiteboarding


Kitesurfing is appropriate for all ages. Mr. Schlüter’s youngest student is 8 years old, while his oldest student is 67 years old!




Kitesurfing School Makkum 

At the beach you will find serveral Kitesurfing Schools


NorthWest Kiteboarding 

Trasmolen 37
8754 GL Makkum

Tel: +31 (0)515 - 232066


Funsport Makkum

Skilbank 9-10
8754 HP Makkum

Tel: 0515 - 23 10 85


Surf N Sail Makkum

De Holle Poarte 8
8754 HC Makkum
Mob: 0031- 647 326 481


From the park you can see the kitesurfers

A perfect location for a kitesurf holiday. Even if you don't kitesurf you can enjoy it. View the kiters from the beach! It is really spectacular!

Perfect location for beginners
location for beginners