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Fishing in Makkum
on the IJsselmeer lake

The Frisian waters in and around Beach Resort Makkum are well-known for their large number of (predatory) fish. The inner waters of the park are directly connected to the IJsselmeer lake itself. As a result, you may (with or without boats) fish for pike and bass fish. Other fish including carp are also present in and around the waters of Beach Resort Makkum. 

Ideal place to go fishing in Friesland

 "It's the ideal environment for large predatory fish, because of the shallow water, the reed beds and winding foothills of the IJsselmeer lake. In fact, there's almost always a catch! This makes it an ideal place to go fishing in Friesland, from your very own jetty." 

Rory Teigeler, staff member Beach Resort Makkum
Enjoy fishing around the park
Enjoy fishing
around the park