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Frisian sport
Like skûtsjesilen or kaatsen

Aside from culture, Friesland also offers many sporting events. On the front desk's information board you will find more information about the dates of particular events. A number of typical Frisian sporting events not to be missed can be found below.

Frisian sport events

Skûtsjesilen" is an annual event on the Frisian lakes. Historical flatboats in authentic condition race against each other for 14 days, first in the SKS competitions, later followed by the IFKS-competitions. Both have enduring men and women onboard, as well as the lively atmosphere in the villages where the competitions draw to a close!



For many people, even in the Netherlands, "kaatsen" (ball juggling) is an unknown sport. In Friesland, however, the sport is extremely popular. There are, furthermore, over 50 countries around the globe where the sport is practiced. Since the end of the Middle Ages this sport has been established in the Netherlands. Between 1500 and 2000 competitions take place annualy in Friesland alone.



For many people, "fierljeppen" (trying to jump over a canal with the support of a large stick) is a lot of fun! The best "ljeppers" (those that participate) sometimes reach distances of more than 18 metres! If the "ljepper" takes too large of a risk, he/she must pay for this with wet clothing, falling into the canal. Visitors are welcome to attend the competitions, allowing you the chance to enjoy this unique Frisian sport!



"Ringsteken" is a traditional folk sport in which participants try and stick a lance through a set of rings, whilst on horseback. The aim is to get the lance through as many rings as possible. Participants appear in brilliant Frisian costumes and ride with a gorgeous "sjees", a traditional horse cart. This folklore traditional psort is a unique spectacle!

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