Terms and conditions

 1. Applicability

 2. Booking

 3. Group reservations

 4. Amendments to the agreement

 5. Changes and Replacements

 6. Prices

 7. Payment

 8. Arrival and departure

 9. Regulations

10. Pets

11. Use of accommodation and inventory

12. Deposit

13. Cancellation fees

14. Force Majeure and Alternative Proposal

15. Termination

16. Liability

17. Brochure photos

18. Internet use

19. Complaints or claims

20. Applicable law

21. Travel documents

22. General


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1. Applicability

1.1 These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all special offers, packages, reservations and agreements with regards to accommodations, rented out by Makkum Rent B.V. hereafter referred to as "Beach Resort Makkum".


1.2 A number of accommodations at Beach Resort Makkum are rented out by the owners themselves. Bookings are made directly with the owner, and therefore not via Beach Resort Makkum. However, Beach Resort Makkum does process the reservation for these owners. You will therefore receive the confirmation/invoice of your booking from Beach Resort Makkum. Beach Resort Makkum cannot be held liable for information provided by owners nor for bookings made via the owner.


1.3 In these Terms and Conditions the term 'tenant' refers to: the person who has made an agreement with regards to renting the accommodation or facility.


1.4 The tenant, as stated on the confirmation/invoice, is personally responsible for his/her company in and around the accommodation.


1.5 Users and/or guests that find themselves in the company of the tenant, must follow the same conditions as the tenant, unless otherwise indicated 


1.6 These Terms and Conditions are applicable, regardless of (prior) reference to any other terms and conditions. Beach Resort Makkum does not recognise any other terms and conditions to which the tenant refers or wishes to apply.


1.7 Arrangements deviating from these Terms and Conditions are only valid if it has been agreed upon and approved in writing.


1.8 All accommodations in Beach Resort Makkum are the property of private owners. Beach Resort Makkum rents out these accommodations at the request of their respective owners.


2. Booking 

2.1 Beach Resort Makkum only accepts bookings of people of 18 years or older. The person who makes the reservation, the tenant, must be a member of the group for which the reservation is made. .


2.2 Beach Resort Makkum has the right at all times to, without providing any reason, to refuse the processing of a reservation.


2.3 When Beach Resort Makkum accepts a reservation, Beach Resort Makkum sends the tenant a confirmation/ invoice, within 7 days of the date of booking the reservation. The tenant must check that all information is correct directly after it is received. Beach Resort Makkum must be informed immediately of any incorrect information


2.4 The confirmation/ invoice of the reservation sent by Beach Resort Makkum, is also an invoice.


2.5 If the tenant has not received a confirmation/ invoice within 7 days after making the reservation, the tenant must contact Beach Resort Makkum


2.6 Between Beach Resort Makkum and the tenant, an agreement is fixed from the moment that Beach Resort Makkum has sent the confirmation/ invoice of the reservation to the tenant.


2.7 When entering into an agreement as specified in article 2.5 above, the tenant automatically expresses agreement with these Terms and Conditions


2.8 The agreement is for the rent of accommodations for recreational use, which is by definition of a temporary nature.


2.9 The tenant can book an accommodation for a period in the following year, for which the rental prices have not yet been announced. In such cases, the reception will make an advanced booking for the requested time period. As soon as the prices are confirmed, Beach Resort Makkum will send the tenant a confirmation/ invoice of the advanced booking. Following this, the tenant has the possibility to cancel the reservation within 7 days.


3. Group reservations

3.1 For group reservations special conditions may apply including (with regard to) supervision, deposit and/or location/type of accommodation, whereby the purpose and size of the group can, in certain cases, lead to the possibility of the group not being accepted.


 4. Amendments to the agreement

4.1 If the tenant, after the making of the original agreement would like to make amendments, Beach Resort Makkum is not bound to accept these. When Beach Resort Makkum does accept the amendments, Beach Resort Makkum will charge the tenant with alteration costs (see price list). These alteration costs will not apply, if the tenant adds or changes their reservation to a more expensive time period or accommodation


5. Changes and Replacements

5.1 When the tenant and Beach Resort Makkum agree that the tenant and/or one or more members are changed or replaced, the tenant remains responsible to Beach Resort Makkum for the payment of all outstanding costs (see article 4.1, plus eventual extra costs as a result of the replacement).



6. Prices

6.1 The tenant owes Beach Resort Makkum the agreed price of rent, and all associated costs. Such associated costs include: reservation costs, bed linen, final cleaning services, tourist tax, deposit and possible optional additional costs, as indicated in the confirmation/ invoice of the reservation. 


6.2 As soon as the confirmation/invoice is sent by Beach Resort Makkum, no further claim can be made for (new) price discounts and/or special offers.


6.3 All prices are including VAT where applicable.


7. Payment

7.1 Upon making a reservation the tenant is required to make an initial payment of 30% of the total rental cost including reservation charges and (if applicable) the cancellation insurance fee premium. Payment must be made within the time period as indicated in the confirmation/ invoice of the reservation.


7.2 The remaining amount of the rental fee must be received by Beach Resort Makkum at latest 8 weeks before the day of commencement of your stay at Beach Resort Makkum, as stated in the confirmation/ invoice of the reservation.


7.3 With reservations within 8 weeks of commencement of your stay, the entire reservation amount must be paid directly upon making a reservation, or if you make a reservation by telephone within 7 days after the date of the confirmation/invoice. If it is found upon arrival that the reservation amount has not been (completely) transfered to the bank account of Beach Resort Makkum, the tenant must still pay the (remaining) cost of reservation on the spot. In case of non-payment of the full amount as mentioned above, Beach Resort Makkum can deny the tenant use of the accommodation. If it is later found that the tenant did make a bank transfer, but that this cost had not been credited to the bank account of Beach Resort Makkum upon arrival, the amount of excess payment will be re-funded.


7.4 With reservations within 1 week before commencement of stay, the tenant must pay the entire reservation cost upon arrival.


7.5 In case of non or late payment, the tenant is, from the date when payment was due, in breach of agreement. In this case Beach Resort Makkum will, in writing or by telephone, offer the tenant the opportunity to pay the outstanding amount within 7 days. If the payment is still not made, Beach Resort Makkum has the right to cancel the agreement from the date when 7 days have passed. The tenant is responsible for all resulting damage suffered by Beach Resort Makkum will (now or in future), including all costs incurred due to your reservation and its cancellation. Beach Resort Makkum has, in any case, the right to charge cancellation fees per accommodation. In this case the points of article 13 are applicable


7.6 Beach Resort Makkum reserves the right at all times to charge to the tenant any costs which result from the reservation, regardless of the legal cause or responsibility.


8. Arrival and departure

8.1 The rented accommodation, as indicated in the confirmation/ invoice of the reservation, can be used on the agreed date of arrival from 15:00 o'clock.


8.2 On the agreed date of departure, the accommodation will be inspected by staff members of Beach Resort Makkum. The inspection will be scheduled by the reception, and will take place via an appointment between 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock. After the inspection the tenant must leave the accommodation with the inspector, in order to allow cleaning of the accommodation and to avoid that you can be later held responsible for subsequent missing inventory. The final check-out formalities will be handled with the tenant at the reception.


9. Regulations

9.1 In order to make the stay at Beach Resort Makkum as pleasant as possible for all guests, all guests and visitors must adhere to the (behavioral) rules formed by Beach Resort Makkum, as indicated in the Park Terms of Agreement. Tenants will receive the Park Terms of Agreement upon check-in at the reception, but is also accessible on the website: www.makkumbeach.nl


9.2 According to local regulations, the tenant is obliged to provide proof of identity. If the tenant cannot provide valid proof of identity, Beach Resort Makkum has the right to refuse entry, and may refuse admission to the tenant.


9.3 Each accommodation can at most be occupied by the number of booked guests, as stated in the brochure. If the tenant has visitors (personal guests) in the rented accommodation, the tenant must inform the reception. When personal guests stay over night, a fee much be paid (for bed linen packages and tourist tax). Staff of Beach Resort Makkum have the right to check whether the accommodation is indeed occupied by the number of booked guests.


9.4 Beach Resort Makkum has the right to make amendments in the layout and opening times of the park facilities. When necessary maintenance is needed, the tenant will (without the right to compensation), allow proceedings to be made during their stay in the accommodation or general facilities.


9.5 The tenant is obligated to rent and use the Beach Resort Makkum bed linen package..


9.6 For violations to rules in these Terms and Conditions and/or Park Terms of Agreement and/or the failure to follow instructions of staff members of Beach Resort Makkum, Beach Resort Makkum holds the right to immediately dismiss the tenant from the park, without (partial) compensation of the rental fee and/or costs.


9.7 In the event that Beach Resort Makkum has good reason to believe a tenant is committing an illegal act, or causing a disturbance of peace, or committing an act of indecent or other inappropriate behaviour, Beach Resort Makkum is authorised to enter the accommodation.


9.8 In the event that Beach Resort Makkum strongly suspects a technical fault/ emergency in the accommodation (related to electricity, water, gas, or anything of a similar nature), Beach Resort Makkum is authorised to enter the accommodation.


9.9  In the event that the tenant alerts Beach Resort Makkum of a technical fault, staff members of Beach Resort Makkum will enter the property, unless the tenant strongly objects to this.


10. Pets

10.1 Depending on the accommodation, a maximum of one or two pets are permitted. If the tenant and/or other guest wishes to bring a pet with them, this must be indicated in the reservation. In this case Beach Resort Makkum will charge the tenant a fee, and extra cleaning costs will be charged. Beach Resort Makkum maintains the right to - without providing a reason - refuse pets. Pets are not permitted in certain accommodations.


10.2 Outside of the accommodation, pets must be on a leash. All instructions on site must be followed. Pets may not disturb or disrupt other park guests.


10.3 Caged animals are permitted without cost (provided this has been indicated in the reservation).


10.4 Visitors are not permitted to bring pets.


10.5 In the event that a pet is discovered in the accommodation, without prior indication in the reservation, € 50,- administration costs plus cleaning- and accommodation costs will be deducted from the deposit.


11. Use of accommodation and inventory

11.1 A complete inventory is available in the accommodation. The tenant must check upon arrival if anything is damaged and/or missing, and must report any such problems immediately. The inventory lists can be found in the kitchen cabinets.


11.2 It is not permitted to move furniture/beds/blankets etc. outside. In apartments, the hallways and and corridors may not be used for storage space..


11.3 The tenant is entirely responsible for orderly behaviour in and around the rented accomodation and elswehere in the park,  to the extent that this is influenced by the tenant as their company.


11.4 Aside from this, the tenant remains liable without affecting the responsibilities of other users, for damage by breaking and/or missing parts of and/or damage to the inventory/appliances and/or accommodation. Any damage must be immediately reported to Beach Resort Makkum and must be reimbursed on the spot. This does not apply when the tenant can prove that the damage was not caused by themselves, other guests or one of the members in his/her company.


11.5 In all cases of theft, a report will be made to the police.


11.6 If it is found that guests are smoking in a non-smoking accommodation, € 50,- administration costs plus a 1 time extra cleaning costs will be charged.


12. Deposit

12.1 Beach Resort Makkum requires the tenant to pay, on arrival, a deposit of € 100,- per accommodation. If the deposit is not paid during check-in, Beach Resort Makkum reserves the right to refuse the tenant access to the accommodation.

12.1.1 In cases where the tenant fails to pay the deposit, Beach Resort Makkum has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect.

12.2 The tenant must pay the deposit upon arrival, either with a debit card or in cash. The deposit will be returned by bank within 7 working days after leaving the accommodation, provided the accommodation has been left in good condition (see article 11 and 16).

12.3 The deposit will be refunded, subject to any reductions due to claims (damage to inventory/accommodation and/or other costs, see also article 19 of the Park Regulations) by Beach Resort Makkum on the tenant and/or users. This refund will not affect the right to make future (additional) claims for compensation.


13. Cancellation fees

13.1 Beach Resort Makkum draws your attention to the fact that the reservation you have made is legally binding. A right of withdrawal (the so-called reflection period of 14 days), is not applicable to the agreements which you make with Beach Resort Makkum.

13.1.1 If a reservation is cancelled more than 28 days before the date of arrival, then 30% of the agreed rental fee, as stated in the confirmation/invoice, will be charged, with addition of reservation costs and any applicable preference fees, with a minimum of € 75,-.

13.1.2 If a reservation is cancelled 28 days or less before the date of arrival, the entire rental fee, as stated in the confirmation/invoice, will be charged, with addition of reservation costs and any applicable preference fees.

13.1.3 The payment of that mentioned in article 13.1.1 must be in the possession of Beach Resort Makkum at latest 14 days after the date of the confirmation of cancellation.

13.2 If Beach Resort Makkum has already received (part) payment, the cancellation fees (article 13.1.1) will be deducted when the payment is refunded.

13.3 The tenant can insure themselves against the risk of cancellation by participating (at the time of the reservation) in the cancellation fund or by taking out a cancelation insurance with a third party.

13.4 If the tenant does not arrive within 24 hours of the agreed date without any prior warning or notification, this will be considered as a cancellation and thus the costs as listed in 13.1.2 will be charged.


14. Force Majeure and Alternative Proposal

14.1 If Beach Resort Makkum is (temporarily) unable to (fully) meet its obligations under this agreement due to force majeure, Beach Resort Makkum will, within 14 days of knowing this, offer an alternative proposal (a different accommodation and/or time period etc.).

14.2 Force majeure will be invoked on the side of Beach Resort Makkum, in case that fulfilling the agreement (partly or temporarily) is prevented due to circumstances outside the will and influence of Beach Resort Makkum. This includes threat of war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disturbances and events.


14.3 The tenant reserves the right to reject the alternative proposal. In this case the tenant must make this rejection known within 14 days of receiving the alternative proposal. Thereafter Beach Resort Makkum has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect. The tenant is then not liable for further payment and will receive a refund of any previously (partly) paid rental costs. Beach Resort Makkum will thereby not be held responsible for compensation or damages.


15. Termination

15.1 Beach Resort Makkum has at all times the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, if during the reservation the personal details of you and/or other users are incomplete and/or incorrectly given. In such a case there will be no refund of the rental fee or a portion thereof. 


16. Liability

16.1 Beach Resort Makkum is not liable for theft, loss or damage of/to belongings of people of any nature, during- or as a result of a stay in the park and/or rent/use of an accommodation of Beach Resort Makkum. Unless there is clear evidence of demonstratable intent or gross negligence of Beach Resort Makkum or (one of) its members of staff.


16.2 Beach Resort Makkum is not liable for damage resulting from loss by travel group members or company and other resulting claims under any circumstances.


16.3 Beach Resort Makkum is niet aansprakelijk voor storingen in de dienstverlening of gebreken bij door derden verleende diensten.


16.4 Beach Resort Makkum is not liable for verbal or written information and publications provided by third parties.


16.5 De tenant is personally liable for all loss and/or damage to the rented accommodation and/or other property of Beach Resort Makkum that arose during its use by the tenants and/or other users, regardless of whether this is as a result of act or failure of the tenant and/or third-parties which occur in the park with his/her approval.


16.6 De tenant indemnifies Beach Resort Makkum from all claims with regards to damage to third parties that are (partly) a result of any action or negligence by the tenant him/herself, other users, travel companions or third parties which are on park grounds with his/her permission.


16.7 In case of mis-use and/or leaving the accommodation in an excessively dirty condition, extra costs will be charged. The tenant is obliged to pay this immediately.


17. Brochure photos

17.1 If a (day) visitor or tenant (together with his or her party) is on park property, the possibility exists that they may (by chance) appear in a photograph of a Beach Resort Makkum publication. In such case, it is assumed that they have no objection to the use of the photo in the publication, including if he/she is recognisable in the photograph.


18. Internet use

18.1 Depending on the accommodation, Beach Resort Makkum offers the tenant and his/her company access to internet via a Wi-Fi network or via a cable. 


18.2 The tenant is responsible for the correct use of internet as well as the required hard- and software, configuration, accessories and associated connections and measures to protect the computer or operating system.


18.3 Beach Resort Makkum is not liable for damage resulting from internet use or technical faults in the network..


18.4 The tenants and those that accompany him/her must, during internet use, behave as a responsible and careful internet user appropriately and with respect for the law. He/she shall refrain from internet behaviour which would be obstructive to other internet users, or which would be, in any sense, damaging to Beach Resort Makkum. The tenant, and those accompanying the tenant as guests, will refrain from visiting internet websites with an illegal character, or those that could be detrimental to the reputation of Beach Resort Makkum as a provider of accommodations.


18.5 In case of proven, or suspicion of, obstruction of third parties and/or (any other) internet abuse by the tenant or those that accompany the tenant, Beach Resort Makkum reserves the right, without prior warning, to entirely block internet access.


18.6 The tenant shall indemnify Beach Resort Makkum against claims of third-parties for compensation for damage for which these third-parties could in any way attempt to hold Beach Resort Makkum responsible, insofar as it is based on the internet use of the tenant, or any guests in his/her company.


19. Complaints or claims   

19.1Despite the care and effort of Beach Resort Makkum, the tenant may believe that he/she has a legitimate complaint regarding the holiday. This complaint must be reported on at the front office to enable Beach Resort Makkum to resolve the complaint.

Should the complaint not be dealt with satisfactorily then the tenant has the opportunity to, within 30 days after leaving Beach Resort Makkum, to submit the complaint in writing to: Makkum Rent B.V., In the name of de Directie, Postbus 72, 8754 ZP Makkum, stating the reservation number, name and address, date of stay and park address.

The complaint will be handled, again, with the greatest care. If even this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, then no later than 90 days after leaving Beach Resort Makkum, the tenant has the opportunity to be heard in the Disputes Committee Recreation in The Hague or to submit the complaint to a judge. The decision of the Arbitration Committee shall have the force of a binding opinion.
Complaints that are not reported during the stay, are not considered.


20. Applicable law

20.1 The agreement between you and Beach Resort Makkum is exclusively applicable to Dutch law. 


21. Travel documents

21.1 Acknowledged misprints and typing errors, will not be used against Makkum Rent B.V. With these Terms and Conditions all previous publications are rendered invalid


22. General

22.1 These Terms and Conditions are also applicable on the actual price list in the brochure.


22.2 Deze Algemene Voorwaarden zijn mede van toepassing op de actuele prijslijst bij de brochure.


22.3 The contract party is Makkum Rent B.V., Langezand 2, 8754 HR Makkum. Tenants can send direct correspondence to P.O. Box 72, 8754 ZP Makkum


22.4 Makkum Rent B.V. is the official management- and rental agency of the Villapark Makkumerstrand, Resort Makkum in Zee, Residence Sudersee and Zuiderzee State apartments.


22.5 Villapark Makkumerstrand, Resort Makkum in Zee, Residence Sudersee, Zuiderzee State Apartments and 'Beach Hotel de Vigilante' are part of Beach Resort Makkum.


22.6 These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all bookings, direct or indirectly done at Beach Resort Makkum with the exception of Beach Hotel de Vigilante, for which the general terms and conditions of the 'Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca' (UVH) will be applicable. We reserve the right to make modifications to the contents of our publications


22.7 All personal details provided to us by the tenant become part of our official database. This database is used by our guest administration. These details can also be used to provide specific information and special offers about our products and services, by ourselves, but not by third parties. If the tenant does not wish to receive relevant information or special offers, the tenant may send a message to:

Beach Resort Makkum, Postbus 72, 8754 ZP Makkum or to: Makkum Rent B.V., Langezand 2, 8754 HR Makkum or via e-mail: info@makkumbeach.nl