Cancellation policy

We strongly advise you, in combination with your booking, to always take part in the cancellation insurance. This can prevent much trouble. Taking part in cancellation insurance is only possible if this is indicated and completed directly with the reservation.


Below you will several articles from the Cancellation policy of Beach Resort Makkum

From a service perspective, the terms and conditions are translated in English. In case of any interpretation difference, the Dutch version is applicable.


  1. General
  2. Terms
  3. Premium
  4. Period of Validity
  5. Coverage
  6. Exceptions
  7. Obligations with cancellations
  8. Manners of reporting


1. Algemeen

1.1 We strongly advise you, in combination with your booking, to always participate in the cancellation insurance. This can avoid much inconvenience. Participating in cancellation insurance is only possible if this is indicated and completed at the same time as the reservation is made..
1.2 Cancellation insurance gives the right to a refund of the (partial) payment received by Beach Resort Makkum according to the confirmation/ invoice, after deduction of the cancellation insurance premium and € 20,- administrative costs.
1.3 By taking part in the cancellation fund you agree with the terms of agreement of the Cancellation Fund. 

2. Terms
2.1 Beach Resort Makkum: Makkum Rent B.V.
2.2 The participant: the name written on the confirmation/ invoice.
2.3 Family members in the 1st or 2nd degree: spouses, parents (-in-law, or guardians), (adopted and/or step-) children, brothers(-in-law), sisters (in-law), grandparents and grandchildren.  For children living with the participant, travelling together with the participant and/or participant's cohabiting partner, the same family status are applied as of the participant.

3. Premium
3.1 The premium is 4% of the net rental fee with a minimum cost of  € 25,- This 4% premium is including insurance taxes. 

4. Period of Validity
4.1 The cancellation fund is valid from the date of booking according to the reservation, and ends on the date of departure according to the confirmation/ invoice.
4.2 The coverage starts after payment of the cancellation fund premium (see article 8.1 and 8.3 in the Terms and Conditions). 

5. Coverage
5.1 Compensation will be paid for cancellations costs which are the result of an unpredictable event as stated in articles  5.1.1 t/m 5.1.10

5.1.1 Death, severe illnesses or severe injury due to accident of a participant, family member in the 1st or 2nd degree of cohabitants of the participant.
5.1.2 Complications with pregnancy of the participant or with his/her cohabiting partner.
5.1.3 Material damage (damage of business/physical objects) which are property of the participant or the company where he/she works, for which his/her presence is urgently needed.
5.1.4 If a (permanent) rented accommodation unexpectedly becomes available for the participant, only if not more than 30 days before the agreed period of stay as it is stated on the confirmation/invoice of the reservation
5.1.5 A medically urgent procedure that the participant, his/her partner or one of his/her cohabiting children must unexpectedly undergo.
5.1.6 Unemployment of the participant after permanent employment, as a result of an involuntary (forced) dismissal.
5.1.7 In case of unemployment, if the participant accepts an offer of employment for a minimum of 20 hours per week, with a duration of at least six months or an indefinite period, which in order to be accepted requires his/her presence at the time of the agreed period of stay as it is stated on the confirmation/invoice of the reservation.
5.1.8 Unexpected calling upon a participant who, after a final exam, needs to complete an exam re-sit that cannot take place at another time period except during the agreed duration of stay.
5.1.9 Definitive dissolution of the marriage of the participant, for which a divorce procedure has been started. The termination of a legally documented cohabitation agreement is considered as equal to a definitive dissolution of a marriage.
5.1.10 If, through external calamity, the private method of transport with which the journey was going to be completed cannot be used anymore, within 30 days before commencement of the agreed stay as identified on the confirmation/ invoice of the reservation.

5.2 Compensation will be paid for lost bookings days as a result of: circumstance as stated in 5.2.1 until 5.2.2. The payment is calculated pro-rata based on the total rental cost taking into account the lost days not spent at the park as previously booked vs. the total number of days booked.

5.2.1 Termination of stay as a result of unpredictable events as stated in 5.1.1 until 5.1.6.
5.2.2 Unforeseen hospitalisation (minimum of 1 overnight stay) of the participant, from which discharge is not possible, whereby all days of hospitalisation are counted as lost days when the agreed booking could not be enjoyed.

5.3 The maximum payment can never be more than the amount on the written confirmation/ invoice.
5.4 The allowance is granted after deduction of the premium of the cancellation fund and € 20,00 administration costs (article 1.2). 

6. Exceptions
6.1 No payment is provided if the participant:

6.1.1 Provides an untrue entering and/or an incorrect presentation of circumstances. In this case the right to a refund uitkering is not applicable.

6.2 No payment is provided as a result of an occurrence:

6.2.1(In)directly related to: 

- Acts of war, including armed conflict, civil war, insurrection, domestic displeasure, rebellion

- nuclear reactions, which means any nuclear reaction in which energy is released.

 - seizure and confiscation.

 - knowingly attending hijack, hijacking, strike or terrorist act.

6.2.2 Resulting from or caused by intent, gross negligence, suicide or attempted or the will of the participant.
6.2.3 In or resulting from participating in or committing a crime, or attempted. 


7. Obligations with cancellations
7.1 To demonstrate/ establish the circumstances which lead to the cancellation request.
7.2 To present original evidence. 

8. Manners of reporting
8.1 The participant is obligated to:

8.1.1 After a circumstance, resulting in the (possible) cancellation of a stay, it is necessary to report this to Beach Resort Makkum within 3 working days after the occurence.
8.1.2 To report a request for payment within 1 week after the end of the period of vailidity of the cancellation insurance to Beach Resort Makkum.