bungalow by the water

Bungalow Solo
Holiday by the water

Peacefully enjoy your holiday in a detached Solo bungalow. With its unique location at the creek, every bungalow features a garden by the water. Multiple Solo bungalows provide a jetty so you can sail from your bungalow trough the prettiest canals to the Ijsselmeer. You do not have to miss anything at our bungalow park, we have everything you need; beautiful nature, the beach, water, the quiet fisher village, Makkum, and lots more. Explore how nice a holiday in a Solo bungalow can be.

Solo bungalow for 4-6 persons

Solo bungalow for 4-6 persons

Enjoy your holiday in a detached bungalow along an open waterway. From your bungalow you can sail from your villa through beautiful canals to the IJsselmeer lake.



  • Large garden along an open waterway
  • Terrace with garden furniture
  • Open kitchen with microwave, Senseo and coffee machine, waterboiler, toaster and refrigerator/freezer combination
  • Digital television
  • At the second floor two or three person bedrooms
  • Bathtub, seperate shower and 2nd toilet 
  • Parking space for 2 cars



Explore the unique extras per bungalow

The basic features of every Solo bungalow are the same, but the interior and extra features can differ per bungalow. Would you prefer for example a dishwasher, tanning bed, your own jetty or a sauna? You can make a preference booking and rent a Solo bungalow that fits your needs.

A solo bungalow with jetty? It is possible!
A solo bungalow
with jetty? It is possible!